Tuesday 21 Jan 2020

About Our College

PCEA TumuTumu hospital training college is located in Nyeri County, 5 Km from Karatina town. It is accredited by TVET, NURSING COUNCIL of KENYA and is a KNEC examination Centre. It started formal Nursing training in 1949.In 2016; it transited from a nursing school to a training college to offer additional courses.


Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing-NCK

MEAN GRADE: C Plain or above

Subjects: Biology, Eng/Kisw - C (Plain); Chemistry, Physics or Maths—C - (Minus.

INTAKE:  April and October


Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics

MEAN GRADE:  C-(Minus)

Subjects: English/Kiswahili, Biology, Chemistry – C- (Minus); Physics or Mathematics - D+ (Plus).  OR

Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics; Certificate in Food & Beverage Production


Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics


Subjects: English/Kiswahili, Biology, Chemistry - D (Plain);   Mathematics or Physics - D (plain).  OR 

Certificate in Food & Beverage Production

INTAKE:  Jan, May & Sep


Diploma in Health Records & IT


Subjects;: Mathematics, English/Kiswahili - C (plain);  Biology-C- (Minus); physics, chemistry, Computer Studies -C-(minus)


Certificate in Health Records & IT

MEAN GRADE:  C-(minus)

Subjects: Mathematics/ physics / chemistry/ computer science/ Agriculture/ Home Science -D+ (plus); Biology D+ (Plus) ; English or Kiswahili  C- (minus)

INTAKE:  Jan, May & Sep


Counseling and Psychology– 1 Year


Department Of Business Studies


Diploma Courses

·         Dip. in Business Mgt - KNEC

·         Dip. in Supply Chain Mgt- KNEC

·         Dip. in Public Relations-KNEC

·         Dip. in Sales & Marketing-KNEC

·         Dip. in Human Resource Mgt-- KNEC

MEAN  GRADE: C- (Minus)


Certificate Courses

·         Cert. in Business Mgt– KNEC

·         Cert. in Supply chain  Mgt -KNEC

·         Cert. in Sales & Marketing– KNEC

·         Cert. in Human Resource Mgt-KNEC

MEAN GRADE: D (Plain) 

 INTAKE:  Jan, May & Sep


Diploma in Information Communication

Technology- KNEC

 MEAN GRADE:  C- (Minus)

 INTAKE:  Jan, May & Sep


Certificate in ICT –KNEC

 MEAN GRADE: D (Plain) and above


 INTAKE: Jan, May & Sep 

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