Tuesday 22 Jan 2019

Ultra-Sound Services

Ultrasound: This technology works by bouncing high-frequency sound waves off of body tissue to form images on a small monitor. Special crystals inside a small plastic device known as a transducer direct these waves (pulses) of sound into the area that's being imaged. During an ultrasound exam, gel is applied over the area being imaged. The gel helps conduct the sound waves and eliminates air between the transducer and the skin. The resulting black and white images can be somewhat hard for the untrained observer to decipher. However, radiologists and ultrasonographers are skilled in reading ultrasound scans and interpreting them to help diagnose certain conditions.

This unit is highly efficient for a variety of procedures and can carry out the following scans:

• Obstetric Ultrasound scan
• Gynaecological Ultrasound scan
• Renal ultrasound scan
• Abdominal ultrasound scan
• Breast scan to check for any lumps,
• Doppler studies- checking for blood clots in the veins/arteries,
• Thyroid – checking for goitre etc
• Foetal cranial ultrasound

University of Nairobi