Tuesday 22 Jan 2019

Ambulance and Hearse Services

Transport Department

This department offers transport services for patients and visitors to our hospital from within the country and without. We offer pick up to and from the airport to our clients who come. These are transport services rendered;

·         Ambulance services

·         Hearse services

Ambulance services

Our ambulance is state-of-the-art and fully equipped with all medical necessities and a 24-hour driver and ambulance nurse. The ambulance is utilized by the hospital’s patients and can also be used for rescue missions of other persons at a small fee.

The ambulances are cared for by experienced and talented ambulance officers who provide lifesaving medical treatment. They are one of the health system's greatest assets and are vital for delivering effective out of hospital care.

We provide 24-Hr emergency help during accidents, fires, and other disasters.

We provide patient transport and care to and from hospital appointments.

We provide you a standby ambulance as well as experienced and passionate emergency medical officers for safety of your events.

Hearse services:

We are committed to providing you excellent services. Our hearse services are available for all funerals throughout the country.

Our hearse is driven by well trained and certified drivers.

Our hearse come equipped with the following equipment: Lowering Gear, Church Trolley, Public Address System, and Gazebo Tent (The gazebo tent is issued free with the hire of our hearse)

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