Tuesday 22 Jan 2019

Dental Services

Our dental officer will attend to your routine dental care and refer you to the appropriate dental specialist if you require specialized care. 


·         Check up, scaling and polishing

·         Fillings, extractions and dentures

·         Root canal therapy

·         Protective mouth guard

·         Dental treatment for patients with complex medical problems

·         Traumatic injuries to the teeth and oral cavity

·         Dentoalveolar surgery e.g. removal of buried or impacted teeth

·         Orthognathic surgery i.e. correction of dentofacial deformities

·         Implant surgery

·         Maxillofacial trauma

·         Treatment of benign cysts and tumors of the jaw

·         Treatment of temporomandibular joint diseases or disorders

·         Treatment of orofacial pain

·         Treatment of oral mucosal diseases

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