Tuesday 22 Jan 2019


The P.C.E.A Tumutumu Hospital has a 203 ward bed capacity with outstanding facilities and professional nursing care.  All wards are headed by a Charge Nurse and supported by senior nurse, nurses, student nurses and cleaning staff.

Surgical Wards

These are wards that take care of patients with surgical conditions which include laminectomy, craniotomy, septoplasty, appendicectomy, hysterectomy, maxillofacial surgery among others.

 Medical Wards

These wards take care of patients suffering from medical conditions which include hydrocephalus, diabetes, hypertension, ulcers, liver diseases, CVAs, gout among others. 

Obstetrics Ward

These wards take care of expectant women, mothers and their newborn infants. The wards include Maternity and labour wards and nursery.

Paediatric Ward

This ward takes care of children under the age of twelve years both male and female. The ward has a capacity of 32 beds.

Critical Care

Critical care nursing wards comprise of the Intensive Care Unit , Renal Unit and the High Dependency Unit. Both wards take care of both surgical and medical patients who are critically ill.

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