Tuesday 22 Jan 2019

Funeral Home

The P.C.E.A Tumutumu Hospital Mortuary offers the following services;


·         Embalming – it has the modern methods of preserving bodies. Other than using coolers, all bodies are embalmed.

·         Reconstruction - is done on bodies which are badly mutilated due to accidents, in any attempts to give the body the original shape.

·         Cleaning and Dressing - dressing is done by member of staff.

·         Viewing of the bodies in the morgue

·         Post Mortem - is done by a pathologist of one’s choice or requests the hospital to do arrangements for the same. Pathologist fee is negotiable. In case of an accident the post mortem is done by a police pathologist in presence of police officers dealing with the case. Burial permit is issued by the police pathologist

Note: Admitting Bodies in the Morgue

A burial permit is the standard document required for transporting bodies either to the morgue or burial site. In case a burial permit is not available a police letter complete with a stamp should be produced at the morgue. Please note that the police letter facilitates the transport to the morgue and therefore a burial permit should be acquired.

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